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We have listed contact numbers of at least 346 Nepal Businesses on Pincode 56200. Nepal has a population of 29,624,035 and there are thousands of businesses in Nepal whose numbers are available for Nepal Reverse Number Lookup and Tracking on this website. You can search for a Nepal Business number in the search box below or you can browse from the directory listed below.


There are 346 businesses number on pincode 56200 in Nepal.

Cell Number Business Name
97736411070 Lucky Institute & Cyber Services
9779841484196 Shubhadra Madan Foundation
97736420113 Khotang Chamber Of Commerce & Industry
97736420328 D.N. Acharya & Company. register auditor
97736420120 District Coordination Committee Office Khotang, Nepal
97736420204 Diktel Rupakot Majhuwagadhi Municipality
97736420653 Bank of Kathmandu Ltd
97736420611 Jyoti Bikash Bank Limited, Diktel
9779866339455 Swikrit store & wine shop
97736420140 कोष तथा लेखा नियन्त्रक कार्यालय Khotang Nepal
97736420328 D.N. Acharya and company auditor's form .
97736411103 ऐसेलुखर्क गाउँ कार्यपालिकाको कार्यालय
97736410067 Hotel Royal Halesi
97736410066 Royal Hotel
9779808467555 Sanima Bank Ltd. Diprung Chuichumma Branch
9779842849069 Basnet Digital Photo Studio
9779861395440 Subikshya furniture
97736420188 District Hospital khotang khotang
971527909336 Lamidanda Airport
9779849676823 राेशनकाे घर
97736420095 Khotang District Court
97736420730 Halesi Khotang Community Hospital
9779843066107 Yamkha Acharya Nursery
9779861252563 bijule school
97736420439 मनोज इलेक्ट्रोनिक्स सेन्टर
Cell Number Business Name
9779849555716 Temke Danda (टेम्के डांडा)
97736410049 Hotel Halesi Village
97736420638 Salapa Bikas Bank Ltd.
97736410094 Machhapuchhre Bank Limited
97736410084 Zambala Resort
97736420119 Diktel multiple campus Diktel
97736420323 Shree Pancha Secondary School
97736413042 Khotehang Rural Municipality
97736420113 Khotang Chamber Of Commerce & Industry
97736420152 Pritam Clothes Store
97736420040 Sharad Jewellery
97736411017 Aashis Impuriem
9779840383691 namrata facty store
97736420148 Govinda Fancy Store
97736420153 Compact Computer Solution
9779843066107 Yamkha Acharya Nursery
9779808467555 Sanima Bank Ltd. Diprung Chuichumma Branch
97736420117 Diktel Multiple Campus DMC
9779862977900 Diktel Hatiya, Hatdanda दिक्तेल हटिया, हाटडांडा
97736420621 Diktel English Boarding School
97736420610 Sakriya Saving And Credit Cooperative Ltd
97736420166 Agricultural Development Bank Limited
9779842933826 Nawasambad Fortnightly
9779868689496 New Maratika Guest House


The numbers listed above belong to places of different categories in Nepal like - Banks, Hospitals, Schools, Tourist Places, Railway Stations, Parks, Airports, Police Stations, Churches, Mosques, Temples, Companies, Banks, ATMs, Restaurants, Cafes, Gyms, Factories, Manufacturing Units. You can also find numbers for Nepal Shops, Stores, Malls, Liquor Shops, Furniture Stores, Take away Resturants, Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, etc.

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